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1. The ancient guitar

Guitar with five courses: the necessity of a sistematic study
by F. Cuoghi: (Italian version only) PDF version - 185 kbHTML version - 60kb

2. The modern guitar

The Ramirez family by M. Bazzotti PDF version - 259 kbHTML version - 40kb

Segovia's teaching: an outburst of freedom by P. Bonaguri PDF version - 73 kbHTML version - 25kb

3.The guitar in the world

Ucraine - A Report by P. Ivannikov (Italian version only) PDF version - 187 kbHTML version - 25kb

Russia - The guitar of the Czars by M. Bazzotti PDF version - 96 kbHTML version - 25kb

In preparation: Brazil - The Country with the heart shape

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