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Modern & Contemporary Music

Michel Bert (Chile, 1976) - Il Passato del Principio (guitar)  © 2004 Michel Bert

Evgeny Baev (Russia, 1952) - Stikhira n.2  from  5 Stikhirs for guitar (Stikhira is an orthodox church song in honour of a church holiday or saint), © VPMusicMedia

Evgeny Baev (Russia, 1952) - The Mistress of Copper Mountain from Malachite Casket (Suite in 7 parts) for guitar, © VPMusicMedia

Evgeny Baev (Russia, 1952) - Dwarf n. 3 from  The Seven Dwarfs plus One (Suite) for guitar, © VPMusicMedia (visit the Vincenzo Pocci homepage to listen the Suite)

Nadia Borislova (Russia / Mexico) - La  Mariposa n.1 from Ciclo de 7 Piezas "La Mariposa" for guitar, © Università de Publa (Mexico), 2002 (distribuited by VPMusicMedia)

Larry Cooperman (USA ,1951) - The Setup  from Ode to Rodney Dangerfield for guitar, © 1996

Marco Gammanossi (Italia, 1965) - Relativity per chitarra, © Edizioni Musicali Sinfonica

Bruno Giuffredi (Italia, 1965) - Delicate armonie del tempo passato per chitarra, © Edizioni Musicali Sinfonica

Sergey Ilyin (Russia, 1961) - From Suite Island of Dreams for guitar: 1. Prelude (When you fall asleep...) and 3. Christmas

Vitaly Kharisov (Russia, 1962) - Preludio n.2  from Four Preludes for guitar, © VPMusicMedia

Vitaly Kharisov (Russia, 1962) - Second Movement from the Concerto-Symphony for flute, guitar and strings orchestra, © VPMusicMedia (visit the Vincenzo Pocci homepage to listen the Concerto-Symphony)

Oleg Kiselev (Russia, 1964) - From 10 Etudes for guitar: n.2 Prelude and n.9 Along the soft carpet of fallen leaves, © VPMusicMedia (visit the Vincenzo Pocci homepage to listen the 10 Etudes)

Oleg Kiselev (Russia, 1964) - Merry Penguin from Have a Moment's Rest from Carcassi (Album of children's jazz pieces) -13 pieces for guitar, © VPMusicMedia (visit the Vincenzo Pocci homepage to listen the Album)

Antonino Maddonni (Italia) - Pizzica Blues (su una tarantella napoletana) per violino e chitarra, © 1999

Estanislao Marco (España, 1873 -1957) - Triste Ausencia  &   Cariño &  Esperanza para guitarra

Dmitry Milovanov (Russia, 1970) - Two Near the Lake for guitar

Idiatulla Nigamatov (Russia, 1948) - Four Pieces for guitar

Christer Persson (Sweden) - With a Little help from Buck and Blaze (Rolf Ranehov editor) for guitar, © 2003

Andrea Pidoto (Italia, 1958) - De Motu Proiectorum per flauto e chitarra, © 1994-95

Giovanni Podera (Italia, 1960) - Contrasti (omaggio a Frank Martin) per chitarra, © Edizioni Musicali Sinfonica

Rolf Ranehov (Sweden) - Source a Gertie Rydén for guitar, © 2003

Rolf Ranehov (Sweden) - Virósa for guitar, © 2002

Sergey Rudnev  (Russia, 1955) - In the Lukomorie (Fairy Realm) Land from Suite on Personages of Alexander Pushkin's Fairy Tales for guitar, © VPMusicMedia

Fernando Martín Schulmeier (Germany /Argentina 1970) - Enuverk for guitar, © 2000

Andrey Shilov (Ukraine, 1957) - Dark Eyes from Russian Folk Songs  (7 russian folk songs arranged for guitar), © VPMusicMedia

Andrey Shilov (Ukraine, 1957) - Peter's Song  from the movie 'Peter' for guitar

Benvenuto Terzi (Italia, 1923 -1969) - Serenata alpestre op. 9 per chitarra

Vittorio Vinay (Italia, 1942) - Vers Luisants Au Clair Du Croissant  per chitarra (diteggiatura a cura di Bruno Giuffredi), © Edizioni Musicali Sinfonica

Ancient Music

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1841) Concerto RV 93 con 2 violini leuto, e basso - Urtext edition by Fabio Rizza (14 pages)

All scores are in Adobe Acrobat PDF-format, highly compressed and high resolution (300 dpi). For best viewing and printing you can use the program Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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