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Revisione e diteggiatura di
Giovanni Grano

G.Nava - Introduzione e variazioni


The panorama of the Italian concerto performers composers of music for guitar in the early nineteenth century often results to be incomplete because of the absence, in the concert-halls and today's publishing trade, of authors and operas which, even if composed by musicians who didn't hold a predominant position in the musical culture of that epoch, and then they were considered inferior compared with the most famous coeval names such as Giuliani, Carulli, Carcassi etc., sometimes appear to be works inspired by grace and mastery.
Such is the case of Antonio Maria Nava (born around 1775 - 19.X.1826), above all reminded as author of Le stagioni dell'anno (Year Seasons) for solo guitar, the first opera published in 1808 Ricordi catalogue. He was author, among others, of innumerable transcriptions from operas for solo guitar, or introduced into various instrumental organic unities of Canzonette e ariette (ditties and ariettas) for voice and guitar op. 39, 46, 59, of Fantasia op. 14 for guitar solo and of a Metodo completo per chitarra francese (Complete method for French guitar - Milan, around 1815).
The opera herein mentioned, found out by us at Codogno "Luigi Ricca" public library, reports on the frontispiece
«Introduction and variations / to Sgherri's Chorus / in Elisa e Claudio Opera / by Maestro Mercadante / Composed for solo GUITAR by / Antonio Nava / and dedicated to Don Galeazzo Manna / Op. 621 Deposited with I. R. Library / MILAN / lithographic print by Giov. Ricordi».
The opera appears with a severe introduction followed by F.S. Mercadante's theme and Nava's variations combining, with grace and fresh inventiveness, the intention to recreate on the guitar, with simplicity of writing and means, the orchestral suggestions, the choral syllabication, the "sforzando (forcing)" impromptus and other "tňpoi" of the opera writing. In our revision we respected the dynamic marks and original agogic. The personal additions were marked between brackets. Moreover, all original guitar slurs were reported, often "ad eco (by echo) ", and the ones that, according to their position shifts the usual rhythmical accentuations by proposing us, in such a way, an executive praxis largely diffused in that period.
The slurs absent or neglected in the original were added outlined. Moreover, the fingering of both hands, absent in the original, was added completely. Many thanks to Mr. T. Salvatori, Director of Codogno "L. Ricca" Library, for his kind collaboration.

Giovanni Grano
[reproduction for kind concession of G. Zanibon Editions]


Repertorio di Giacomo Bellucci:

  1. Immagini Rioneresi for guitar solo, ed. Bčrben
  2. Memoriae "in ricordo di mia madre" (1985) for guitar , ed. Bčrben
  3. Autumnal Tales (1988) for guitar solo, ed. Bčrben
  4. Pinch Quartet for String Quartet and guitar, ed. Bčrben
  5. Canti erotici (1987) for female voice and guitar, ed. Bčrben
  6. Geometries (1989) Concerto-fantasia for guitar, cello and Orchestra


G i a c o m o    B e l l u c c i

G E O M E T R I E S (1989)

per Chitarra, Violoncello e Orchestra


Chitarra solista
Violoncello solista
2 flauti
2 oboi
2 clarinetti in B
Clarinetto basso
2 fagotti
4 corni in F
2 trombe in A
2 tromboni
Trombone basso
Tam tam

GB - 1989


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